New Thresholds

Friday, June 09, 2006

Not quite from the beginning...

I realize this a much-delayed action in setting up a blog - given that everyone and their brother today seem to have one of these - and I only wish I had set one up before I actually came to Uganda last March (2005). Although I try, I have often failed many times over to keep an updated mass e-mail going, and therefore, events and updates are often dated - for which I deeply apologize. Nonetheless, although not the onset point I would have like, I can of course surface in providing a narrative of my life mid-service, and I feel many of you will appreciate this. I do hope that this develops into a nice diary source for me and also a news supplement for those of you that are close to me and interested in things that are unfolding in my life - in Peace Corps and hopefully beyond. So, with fingers crossed... ;-)